The Changing Face of Weddings

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The Cost of Wedding Dresses

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Success After the Big Day

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There are a few things every wedding must have. A couple must be legally joined in matrimony and they will need an official to perform the ceremony and certified they are married. Many marriage regulations call for either one or two official witnesses to certify the couple has taken their vows. Other than these basics, a wedding can be whatever a modern couple desires.

Couples may invite a few close family members and friends, or they might decide on a large wedding with hundreds of guests. Many couples provide refreshments and often include a meal and wedding cake as part of their reception. If only a few witnesses will be present, the wedding party often goes to a restaurant. This is an informal way to get married and many couples prefer to hold a large reception. They do this to celebrate their union with friends and family. While not all are affairs of state, large weddings are becoming increasingly popular with modern couples.