The Cost of Wedding Dresses

Nearly every bride wants to walk down the aisle in a silk or satin and lacy confection that fits her perfectly. She knows she will be the center of attention and wants to look her best. Wedding dresses have long been one of the highest costs for brides. These are specialty dresses, and are often used only once. It is not unusual for a bride to pay several thousand dollars for her wedding gown. It may be cherished for a lifetime, but it will only be worn for a few hours.

Most brides get ready for their wedding at home. They take a few pictures with their immediate family and bridesmaids. After that, the wedding lasts approximately an hour if a religious ceremony is included. The bride will now take formal wedding pictures with her new husband. This lasts at most an hour before the couple sets off for their reception.

Modern receptions last 5 or 6 hours because halls are often rented out to more than one party per day. Because couples leave before the end of the reception, the bride will generally not be there for more than 4 hours. Modern brides are now being given the option of having a reception dress. This is a second wedding dress that is changed into between the official marriage venue and the wedding reception. This gives a bride even less time in her dress.

While a wedding is an event that should long be remembered, brides often spend far too much on a dress they will wear only once. Because modern society is more mobile than ever, brides often lose touch with family. Their dresses are no longer passed down through generations, but languish in family attics or are given to consignment shops. Before spending a year's salary for one dress, the modern bride should consider the less expensive option of gown rental.